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Truke, India’s fastest-growing audio brand, celebrated for introducing pioneering features at a budget-friendly price point, today announced its entry into the home audio segment. The brand's newest offerings, Infinitybox and Thunderbar, are poised to redefine the audio experience for consumers. These exceptional Bluetooth speakers and soundbars will be available for purchase on and with Infinitybox priced at an attractive INR 4499 and Thunderbar at an enticing INR 1499. This strategic move marks a watershed moment for Truke as it extends its product portfolio beyond its TWS, neckbands, and smartwatches segment, where the brand has established a reputation for offering cutting-edge features at affordable prices. With both these speakers, Truke intends to cater to two distinct segments of customers. Thunderbar is aimed at those who seek outstanding sound output within a budget segment, offering an exceptional audio experience that doesn't break the bank. On the other hand, Infinitybox targets a mid-premium segment, appealing to individuals who desire premium features and exceptional sound quality but have a budget capped at INR 5000.

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