Do the buds support fast charging? Can i charge it with my 55w fast charger?

Truke Buds works on 5V 1A Power rating. You can use any adaptor using the USB cable provided in the box.

Can i charge Buds with my PC/Laptop?

Yes, you can charge the earbuds with your PC/Laptop.

How do i check the buds earbuds battery level?

You can check the battery level of the Buds earbuds on your smartphone.

What to do in case the charger is not charging?

Check the power connection and USB cable is connected properly. Try with different set of USB cable and power socket. If still the issue persists, you can reach out to us at +91 93541 70767 or email us at support@eccentricindia.com

What to do if earbuds are not charging? Earbuds are not powering on? Earbuds are dead?

1. Remove the protective film from earbuds charging pins.
2. Place the earbuds in the case. Make sure charging case is sufficiently charged.
3. Charge the earbuds for at least 1hour before using.
If still the issue persists, you can reach out to us at +91 93541 70767 or raise a case at www.truke.in/warrant

How much time does Earbuds takes for full charge?

Truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 Earbuds takes about 1hour and 20mins to get fully charged.

How much time does case takes for full charge?

Truke Buds Q1 Charging Case takes about 1hour and 20mins to get fully charged.

What type of charger can be used?

truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 comes with Type-C charging interface.

What is the Battery backup/capacity for Buds?

truke Buds Q1 earbuds comes with 40mAh battery which can give up to 10Hrs of Music playback on single charge. Get an additional playtime of up to 50hours using 400mAh Charging Case.

Does the Buds come with Automatic paring or Manual paring?

Once paired for first time, truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 instantly connects with the device as soon as taken out from case.

Does it support Google Fast Pair?

Truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 hasn’t been tested for such feature

Does it have dual pairing? Can 2 devices be connected simultaneously?

Unfortunately, Truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 do not support dual paring. But it comes with amazing other features like Quad Mic ENC, Gaming mode and you can play up to 10hours on single charge.

Are buds compatible with iPhones? Android phones?

Yes, truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. Truke Buds S1 & Buds Q1 are powered by Bluetooth 5.1 ensuring Stable and Fast connection with up to 2X transmission speed.

How to use Siri/Google assistant?

Tap 2 time of left earbuds to activate Siri/Google assistant.

How to switch Gaming Mode in earbuds?

Tap 3 times on right earbud to enter/exit Gaming Mode.

What is the volume control function in the Buds?

Truke Buds S1 & Q1 does not support Volume control function from the earbuds. You will need to control volume from the connect device.

How to change music tracks from Earbuds?

Tap and hold Right earbud for 2sec to play next track. Tap and hold Left earbud to play previous track.

Do buds feature touch controls?

Yes, enjoy easy access to answer call or change music tracks using touch control of these wireless earbuds. Tap 2 times of left earbuds to access your preferred Google voice assistant or Apple Siri.

Are the Buds waterproof?

Truke Buds Q1 and Buds S1 earbuds have an ipx4 rating which means that they are sweat-resistant. However, the buds need to be completely dried before placing them back in the case.

How to switch SBC to AAC codec?

While truke Buds S1 and Buds Q1 support both SBC & AAC codec, the functionality can only be switched over
the connected device. Check your device user manual for switching to SBC/AAC codec.

What is SBC or AAC codec?

Truke Buds S1 and Buds Q1 supports both SBC & AAC codec. A codec is a program which encodes or decodes
the digital data of the music file. Switching to AAC codec could improve audio quality on your earbuds, since AAC is a more advanced codec than SBC.

Can it be used with Bluetooth 5.0 or Bluetooth 4.2?

Yes, Truke Buds S1 and Buds Q1 true wireless earbuds come with reverse Bluetooth compatibility. So, it will not be trouble connecting with your device. We suggest connecting with Bluetooth 5.1 enabled device for optimal performance.

What is the Bluetooth connection range?

Truke Buds S1 and Buds Q1 are equipped with power-efficient Bluetooth v5.1 that supports low power consumption, superior connectivity and compatible with all Android, Windows & iOS devices. The earbuds provide a stable and fast connection up to 10m.

Can the buds be connected to laptop via Bluetooth?

Yes, truke Buds S1 and Buds Q1 is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Can buds be used in monopod mode? Can i use buds as a single earbud?

Yes, take out one earbud from the case and pair it with your device.

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